Java Web UI Framework for Tridium Niagara

Envas is a Java software framework that is designed to support the development of modern Niagara web applications and widgets without coding HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Envas takes care of much of the hassle of Web development, so you can focus on writing your code in Java.


Are you lost in the JavaScript framework hell? Take your favourite IDE and start coding in Java.


Full access to server side Niagara API. No slot lease hassle anymore, the code is running in the station JVM.


Reuse your existing Niagara AX code, libraries, translations and component facets.


Applications are running in the Niagara security context. Share users and roles with Niagara.

Apps and Widgets

One tool to manage them all. Including complex applications and Niagara4 widgets.


Extensive charting API. Need deeper analysis? Send your data into collaboration cloud platform.


Distribute and deploy your applications and widgets as Niagara modules.

App Store

Coming soon. Share your applications and widgets with the community.

Envas takes care of managing both the user interface in the browser and the AJAX communications between the browser and the application running in the station's JVM. You do not need to learn and deal directly with browser technologies, such as HTML or JavaScript. Because all the client-server communications are managed behind the scenes by Envas, you can concentrate on the application logic.

Try it!

Envas is currently in the public beta and everybody is invited to take part in testing. We have prepared a simple demo project showing Envas basics. Please follow these steps to start.

Download Envas Module

Envas framework is deployed as a Niagara4 module. It supports the installation in the Workbench and in the Jace. Download and install the Envas module in your Niagara station.

Get License

Fill in the form and we will send you the 90-day test license. Follow the installation instructions in the email.

Check Our Demo

Visit our public Bitbucket repository and check out the Envas demo project. Follow the instructions on the repository page. Learn, how to build an application, a widget, and how to integrate your artifacts into Niagara.

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